SRMtec compressors.

SRMtec is basically a new brand in the Refrigeration market. The background is the Svenska Rotor Maskiner, which is actively involved for more than 100 years in design of rotors . Well known manufacturers of today, thank there existence to a license of the SRM company. Some of them even date back to 1946.

Today we introduce the new compressor lines of the SRMtec in Europe. The design of these compressors are ready for the high standards of today. In short we can state the following:

“The experience of the past in the design of today for the duty of tomorrow”

In order to become a successful brand, there is much more needed than just having the best product. You also need good support! Who wants to be part of our SRMtec family?

Perhaps you: the contractor or unit builder with unique designs. Are you ready to serve the market with our high standards against affordable price levels? Our SRMtec family will help you and support you where and when you need it. The most important is that you not just buying a product, but a complete experience.

For contractors we can offer a wide range of compressor and ready build compressor units, we will also provide support where and when needed in order to serve your customers.

For the unit builders we can support you by introducing our SRMtec products as basis for your own product lines. With our background and experience, our team members are capable to support your product lines.

Knowing that SRM is a subsidiary of the Chinese Fujian Snowman Co. Ltd. since 2014 and is proud to present a full compressor and unit line in Europe. Having achieved all that in such a short period of time, indicates the strength and expertise of the SRMtec family.
The recipe is quite simple, act globally, think internationally, and as most important feature we listen carefully and respectfully to your needs and requirements of your market.

Interested in becoming a member of the SRMtec family? We are, because we care for our family. We welcome you.


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