Model range SRS

The SRS range of SRMtec are semi hermetic screw compressors, which are available 8 till 16 cm diameter.
The SRS models are designed especially for VSD and for refrigerants as NH3.
Together with the special permanent magnetic aluminum E-motor and the modern features in compressor design makes the SRS range the most compact semi hermetic Compact VSD compressor in the world.
From the 14 cm rotor diameter the SRS 14 are suited with variable Vi below this size the Vi is fixed.

Due to the rotor profile 5/7 and some unique features make the SRS range one of a kind.
One of the features is the use of the rotor profile and injection towards the bearings in combination of the size of the bearings.
This makes the SRMtec SRS models stabile, fully suitable for VSD and for engineers a eye catcher .
It for engineers very interesting to notice the tolerances between the parts of this compressor.

One very important issue, which is difference with the most screw compressor on the market, is the way the Eco is constructed. By the most well –know screw compressors the entry of the Eco port is in an angle of 90 degrees on the rotors. At the moment of opening the Eco the rotors will react on the entry of more load by bending.

The SRMtec ECO:
By SRMtec the ECO port is injecting in axial direction of the rotors. There will be no force to the rotors, therefore no bending and that is also a reason to keep very tight tolerances.

SRMtec SRS two stage compressors.
SRMtec introduced a line of two stage compressors by design two rotor pairs behind each other there will be an automatic balance between high stage and low stage.

The range of Semi hermetic compound compressors is available in the following models: 1008 , 1210 and 1612. The first number is indication the low stage rotor diameter and the second number the rotor diameter of the high stage in cm.
All features together will result in a compact installation, which running stable and keep the installation in balance.

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