Model range SRH ( high Pressure compressors)

The SRH range of SRMtec are very special design with a total new vision.
The models are at this Moment : 12- 16- 18 cm rotors. The SRH range will be expended to 34 cm in the near future.

What makes the SRH ( high pressure range) special?
The design is total new, the rotor profile is 6/8 very short and with a very strong bearing construction.
Together with the special designed housing makes these features the first from the basic designed High pressure compressor suitable for High pressure 64 bar and CO2 or NH3 heatpump applications

Due it present of a slide valve the SRH is suitable to run with fixed speed as VSD.

The SRMtec ECO:
By SRMtec the ECO port is injecting in axial direction of the rotors. There will be no force to the rotors, therefore no bending and that is also a reason to keep very tight tolerances.

Go in the new time , experience the possibilities.

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