Shaft Seal technique

For the most manufactures of pumps and compressors a shaft seal is purchase item.
However, today the technology of sealing is more developed than in the 80’s., new materials create a new world. For instance pin point the direction of the generated friction heat.
Other way: Around the choice if a shaft seal can make or break your product.
Like tires under a race car, it can make the difference between the winner or the entry on the second place.

Why: it’s all in the details, details of: compressor construction, construction of compressor unit components even the place of installing or the characteristics of the medium of by refrigeration plant the lubrication oil, even till way of use of the equipment.

Over the years research learn me that selection and adjusting shaft seal can really make a difference.
Fine tuning can make the difference. Therefore we offer support by RM-Support. Sharing our knowledge to our members and receive inspections of your shaft seal at reduce fee.
There is more possible than you expect.

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